Thrift Rules

In the dictionary of thrift, here’s a new entry:  Thriftgeek – def. cool, retro and inexpensive. Used as a noun or adjective, Thriftgeekiness resides and can be  experienced in a new store in downtown Evanston.

thriftgeekThriftgeek has been getting great press since it’s opening in late April, and while this write-up may seem like recycled content, that’s as it should be.  A fun retail spot in this tumbleweed economy is reason to celebrate and spread the news. Good to know it still travels fast, even to the dog beach, where I first heard about it.

From a trip there Monday, here’s a look at the good goods collected by founding geeks Susan Ganem and B.J. Negrete.

thriftgeek furniture

thriftgeek dishes

Marked Sold, this 9-drawer chest is nearly identical to Missy and Kirk’s beautiful makeover.thriftgeek 9 drawer chest

thriftgeek painting

thriftgeek array

Ellen, a musician who’s voice is a ringer for Terri Hemmert on WXRT, modeled the earrings.

522 Davis Street, Evanston 60201