Twenty Seven: Kid’s Chest


Item: Plain chest with an antique kit finish, given to me by my brother-in-law.

The Makeover: Speaking for everyone who can’t draw well, we can still use paint as a medium of our imaginations with the help of…..masking tape.  I used a size large roll of it to give a juvenile graphic theme to this chest.

kidschest2Step 1: I sand and painted overall with white semi-gloss. I used an orbital sander to smooth the striations from the antique kit finish. I chose semi-gloss paint for easy clean-up, since this will be used in a kid’s room.

Step 2: I mapped out the design on the chest with a ruler and pencil.

Step 3: I taped the borders in sections, then painted. As the paint dried, I  moved on to a new section.


Materials: Semi-gloss white paint, artists acrylic color, masking tape. I used colors straight from the tube and also mixed them and combined with the semi-gloss white.



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  1. wonderful site! Love the dresser.

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