From Women’s Jacket to Dog Coat


From the pet issue of TimeOut Chicago. Anybody need a model who can hold her tongue just so?  This is Reese, an alum of Orphans of the Storm, age 7.

dog-2To make the dog jacket, I referred to a pattern online and made a new one from it. Here’s a link to the new dog coat pattern.  Will fit a medium-size canine, about 50 pounds–okay, 55 pounds–with the approximate measurements:  19″ from neck to tail and 31″ around the middle.

To fit the pattern for your dog,  measure the dog’s back length and middle girth.  Then print the file, resize it and drape it over the dog to check the size before cutting your fabric. I’m technically challenged here, but trying to figure out how to tile the pdf so that it will print in actual size. When ready, I’ll replace the pdf, and you can plan for a custom fall designer jacket.


One Response

  1. OK that is the cutest !

    Thanks for the pattern, although I think Miss Abby might try to bite me if I put it on her. I tried winter booties once and they got kicked off across the sidewalk.

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