Stuff from the Big Swap

Richard van Genderer
Illustration by Richard van Genderer

The goldilocks thing about Saturday’s Big Swap event was its just-right size.  Not too small, not too big to browse through it all and have the chance to talk with the vendors.  Many would be showing again at the Randolph Street Market series. They brought a choice representation of their inventory that was priced to sell.

70's lamp

Mid-century modern of course. Heywood-Wakefield dining room sets, tapered leg coffee tables, swag lighting.

ballerina mist

Having more than enough dishes didn’t stop me wishing for these.  They are a 1954 set called Ballerina Mist in the Baby’s Breath pattern.  The manufacturer, Universal Potteries, made dishware patterns for distribution in supermarkets.

folk art window

A folkart painted window.

Eric and Kurt

An interesting mix at the sale were the individuals who set up shop and swapped extra household contents for some cash. Kurt and Eric, who live in a high-rise  in Lakeview, were pleased with the outcome of their sale.


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