Monday Live Dive Results


Encyclopedias, anyone?  Back from  the scouting trip–day one of the Winnetka spring clean up.  Today’s pick up was north of Tower Road. Tuesday’s will be north of Pine Street.  There was stuff to be had there, most of it fell into a few categories:
Kitchen cabinets
Doors and windows
Upholstered furniture
Hockey equipment & sporting goods
Boxes of clothing

Here are photos of some of the curb items.  These will give you an idea of condition and size in case you’re interested in making the trip this week.  I arrived at a little after 7 am, and the trucks were picking up by 7:30.

Couldn’t these have been donated?  An entire collection of patio furniture cushions.

img_32501Ditto for this crib.  Perfectly good.

img_3246Living room furniture for someone.



Weathered adirondacks.


Spring clean up aptly named.



4 Responses

  1. Did you pick up the adirondacks? They looked good!

  2. I agree! I covet those adirondack chairs. So much potential there.
    Those darn Wilmettians (?) putting such wonderful chairs out to pasture like that. 😦

  3. Duh, Winnetkans not Wilmette. Same thing though… 🙂

  4. I am salivating. Those paned doors….ugh. Love them. Hopefully some other lucky salvagers can enjoy these before they are off to the land fill…such a waste of good STUFF. People are silly 🙂

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