Project Twenty Five: Porch Table

Porch Table Before and After

Found Item: Small wire frame table

Where: Alley in southeast Evanston

The Makeover: Hot or preschool project?  No matter, this is a simple and fast project, perfect for anyone who’d like to bring a small piece of the beach home. On a piece of pressboard I cut to replace the existing terra cotta tabletop, I spread a quarter inch layer of tile grout.  Into it, I pressed the small shells I’d collected from a few mornings at the beach.  It’s slow drying, so no worries if you need to adjust your the pattern. I chose a wave design that reflects the water’s motion.  After a day, when the grout had dried, I sprayed a coat of matte polyurethane to seal and protect it from dust. porch-table-after21

On the frame, after giving it a good overall with a wire brush, I sprayed two coats of rust proof paint in orange, which turned out to be a nice mustard yellow on the metal.

Materials: Powder tile grout, $3.92 for the small box, Ace Rust Stop paint, $4.99, and a scrap of pressboard, on hand.

Porch Table Composite


2 Responses

  1. It looks cool, and coincidentally I just came in from collecting shells… but the irregular surface would make it a wobbly place to put your beer bottle or drink glass, wouldn’t it?

    • Great question. I’ve put a cup and glass on the tabletop and they stay level, resting on the highest points, plus this surface is small.

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