Weekend Diving Opp

photo by nikki1810 on flickr

One more for the spring diving calendar is the city of  Highland Park’s clean-up days.  As far as I know, there are no tales of the big score affiliated with the clean- up, but the four dates for pickup are all on Saturday, which is convenient for anyone who may still be employed with a 9-5 job.   Might be worth the trip, even if you wind up at the downtown movie theater that shows second runs. Or the Dairy Queen.

Here’s a map and the dates of where the Saturday pick-ups will occur.  This info is also published on the city’s website here.


For resident who receive normal service on Mondays: April 25 will be the special spring pickup date.
For resident who receive normal service on Tuesdays: May 2
For resident who receive normal service on Thursdays: May 9
For resident who receive normal  service on Fridays: May 16

To recap the dates posted this week, we have:
Winnetka Clean-up days from April 27-April 30.  I’ll be Twittering a live dive on the 27th.

Hippie Christmas Season:
Loyola ends May 2, commencement weekend on May 7-9
UIC ends May 9
The Art Institute ends May 11 with commencement on May 16
DePaul ends on June 12
Northwestern spring quarter ends on June 12. Commencement on June 19
U of Chicago ends June 12 with convocation on June 12-14
Kendall College (a nice saute pan?) winds down on June 19, graduation on June 20

And Highland Park Spring clean-up Saturdays:
April 25
May 2
May 9 and
May 16


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