Hippie Christmas


Those who live in college towns and neighborhoods know how much stuff students can leave behind at year’s end.  Not wanting to lug it to their next adventure, students will leave behind the content of their apartments: the lamps, kitchen stuff, carpets, furniture.

Fellow salvage artist Green Cricket writes that in U of  Wisconsin’s Madison, “the locals call it Hippie Christmas. When all the students bail for the summer…the campus streets are filled with stuff the kids don’t need anymore.”

Living near a big midwest university, memorable finds in my book include a hockey stick that launched a summer peewee career and a pair of never-worn Madden flats in silver.  These were passed around from friend to friend in one high school class and even made it to the prom.

For those who want to do some higher learning curb shopping this year, here’s a list of the larger schools around Chicago and when their semester ends. Links lead to each school’s campus map.

Loyola ends May 2, commencement weekend on May 7-9

UIC ends May 9

The Art Institute ends May 11 with commencement on May 16

DePaul ends on June 12

Northwestern spring quarter ends on June 12. Commencement on June 19

U of Chicago ends June 12 with convocation on June 12-14

Kendall College (a nice saute pan?) winds down on June 19, graduation on June 20



2 Responses

  1. thanks for the dates, I’ve been thinking about the possibilities;-)

  2. Cool cool cool. Madison’s is in August when all the leases expire…I will keep you posted on an exact date.
    A potential field trip maybe ?

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