Recession Concessions

photo by femmannie@flickr

Shout out to Rob F., whose short-lived enterprise of last month was named Recession Concession.  On a cold Monday morning, Rob put together low-cost sack  lunches for commuters on the el platform… until security told him not to.  What was in the lunches?  Just what Mom would have packed: a pbj, chips, j-box and chocolate chip granola bar.  Rob, an accomplished beekeeper, has moved on to gainful employment in the grocery biz.

In the spirit of balancing the equation of those who have lunch and those who may need it, metaphorically speaking,  here’s something that can help both variables and the landfill. It’s reputed to be The Best Opportunity for dumpster diving, the Village of Winnetka Annual Spring Clean-Up on April 27-30.

During this week, residents are encouraged to clean out their attic, basement and garage and put their discards on the parkway for municipal pick-up.  Village employees will remove anything that two men can reasonably lift into a truck.

Urban legends abound, as you can imagine.  Pianos, sofas, a porch full of wicker, and U-Hauls going up and down the streets.  Is it myth?  The only way to find out is to give it a try.  Here’s the link to the information, complete with a map of which neighborhoods are scheduled for pick-up coverage on which days.

It’s coming up in a few short weeks. I’ll be there, cruising the streets and Twittering.  If you plan to dive in, too, drop me a line to see if we can synchronize our mobile devices.


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  1. Will you be trolling the on those days? Or is it worth it to go up the weekend of the 25th? Just wondering if it’s worth it to take time off work! Too much???!!!

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