Project Twenty Three: Student Chair

student chair before and after

Found Item: Student chair

Where: In the alley behind a north side apartment building

The Makeover: I started the redo by spritzing the arms and legs with Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean up the study session spillage.  The chair seat was easy to remove- 4 screws on the bottom- but the back was tricky, had to be pried apart to expose the screws holding it to the frame.

student chair detailI recovered the chair with a soft, vintage piece of  houndstooth wool on hand from my fabric collection.  Upholstering the seat was straightforward to wrap and staple on the underside, while the chair back was a challenge to wrap and leave the sides open for reattaching to the frame.  The existing metal staples were bent and couldn’t be reused, so after reattaching the back to the frame and with wood screws in place, I sewed the sides closed with the help of a curved upholstery needle and quilting strength thread. This took some time, a Law and Order and a half plus one phone call.

student chair back

Because I like the mix of floral and plaid, I sewed on the embroidered flower, which was cut  from an Old Navy t-shirt.

Materials: Vintage wool houndstooth, poly stuffing on the seat, Arrow staples and staple gun, curved needle and quilting thread, Murphy’s Oil Soap, salvaged Old Navy t-shirt embroidery.

student chair composite1


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