Custom Project: Chair from Threads Etc


Missy and Kirk are redoing their Ukranian Village apartment piece by piece.  Their plan is to trade the Ikea-esqe feel of their home with a mid century modern energy, and they’ve been scouting the city for pieces that catch their eye and are easy on the pocketbook.  Naturlich, they’re close followers of  BackGarage.

They arrived at my place, after picking up a 3-column dresser in Maywood, to take home the chair and ottoman I helped them recover.  Missy and Kirk found them at Threads Etc on Milwaukee in Logan Square.  As Kirk said, these were the ugly ducklings of the store, stacked in a back corner, but with possibilities.  The chair was covered in old vinyl, and ottoman was a dirty beige.


Missy chose two fabrics (they love green) from the online source,, a great bamboo pattern by Robert Allen, and a textured all over rose pattern.


The results are stylish. Good eye, good eye, Missy and Kirk!


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  1. […] very day we found our dresser.  We also happened to be picking up our that Diana reupholstered chair and footstool for us that evening, and told Diana of our plans to copycat her wonderful […]

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