Nuts About This Sign

Stand Sign
Everybody has a story about the thing they didn’t buy when they saw it but wish they had.  Over time the regret doesn’t abate, though how cool or perfect the thing was grows legendary.

Thankfully, I didn’t leave the ice cream stand sign behind.  I admired it one hot Sunday at the Randolph Street Market.  Then I came back and stood in front of it and admired it some more, until my friend Ona finally said, “What’s stopping you? Buy it.”  I think she was ready to go home.

Stand Sign 2I did buy it, and it looked so good on my red and white checked kitchen wallpaper.  Then I moved into an orange kitchen, and it looks good there, too.  It makes me happy to enjoy the sign every day, instead of the alternative, like when I passed up the best sample sale skirt that I would practically be living in if I’d bought it.

If we ever get to summer this year, the first Randolph Market weekend will be  May 23-24.  And this year there’s a warm-up act from the Randolph team, the Big Swap Bonanza at Soldier Field on May 2. Billed as Chicago’s biggest yard sale, rumor has it Frank Fontana (check out his cheesecake photo on the site) will be there along with a celebrity sale fundraiser and more special attractions.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day, I can’t wait to see what’s not to pass up there.

As mentioned back on Wednesday, I’m working on a plaidfest for the student chair found on the north side.  Taxes and all, it’s this week’s project.


3 Responses

  1. Awesome sign! Don’t you love it when you turn back around and get something because you know it will give you such joy.

    Believe it or not, I never made it to the Randolph fairs…this year might be be the year. And the Bonanza, well that might be enough for a roadtrip in itself.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Amen to the weather comment, Diana! But the sign is adorable. I am just wondering what a “spoon shake” is… Great find!

  3. Great sign! Does it not make you want to have ice cream sundae every day though? I’m seconding MacDoogle in asking what a ‘spoon shake’ is… and what’s a ‘cyclone’ too? They sound good 😉

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