Project Twenty Two: Small Cabinet

Small Cabinet

Found Item: Small cabinet with mirror.

Where: In the driveway of a boarded up frame house beside the el tracks

The Makeover: No sense chatting up the after affects, since this baby needs more attention.  Can someone tell me – where did this week go?  I wrote a few blogs, scraped a lot of paint, made some dinners, threw the boots and shoes in the closet when Tate came over, and now it’s Friday and the dog has somehow eaten my homework.

So far, in addition to replacing the old paint with a coat of primer, I used a glass etching kit to add the stripes to the mirror. I’m moderately messy, etching-creamthough some would beg to modify that statement, but found the etching cream hard to work with. It bled underneath the masking tape, resulting in not-so-neat lines. The kit, which I’ve had for a few years but just now tried, is really best for etching small designs under 2 inches or so.  On to plan B for the mirror.

cabinet knob This original hardware has some merit if it can be removed.  I’ve put a few drops of Liquid Wrench on the last screw, waiting for it to turn (apologies to Henry James).  With plans to complete the cabinet over the weekend, tomorrow is another day.


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