Project Twenty One: FlipFlops


Found Item: Pair of men’s Old Navy flipflops

Where: Clark Street Beach

The Makeover: I used a second find, a roll of indoor-outdoor carpet, to add support to the worn soles of the flipflops. I traced, cut and glued a piece onto each flipper, cutting a line from the top to the toe thong to slip the new soles in.  The carpeting feels great underfoot.

I’d been imagining that the previous owner, after making a day of it at the beach, left without his flipflops when it grew dark.  To help insure this wouldn’t happen again, I painted the thongs with glow-in-the-dark paint.

I’ve applied the recommended two coats, but so far the glow is very weak, nothing to show in a photo here.  More coats? I’ll brush on a few more and post an update.


Materials: Found indoor-outdoor carpet, Elmer’s Ultimate glue, Rustoleum Glow-In-the-Dark paint ($7.19 at Home Depot).


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  1. I love um…very clever !

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