Project Twenty: Twitter Chair


This project is featured in the March 12-18 edition of  Time Out Chicago.

Found Item:
Wooden chair with turned legs, missing its seat

Where: Alley in N. Paulina in Ravenswood

The Makeover: Using a piece of salvaged wood, a jigsaw and a pattern I drew, I cut the bird shape, including tenons on the top and bottom. This would replace the existing wood piece on the chair’s back that was split.  I retrofit the bird piece to fit the mortis and glued.  I then measure and cut a new seat cover from 1/4″ plywood, put a piece of dense foam on top and used a staple gun to fix a piece of cotton fabric to the underside.  Last, a sanding, then two coats of robin’s egg blue semi-gloss paint.

The Materials: A quarter sheet of quarter-inch-thick plywood ($3 and they’ll cut it for you) and semigloss paint ($10) from Lowe’s. Foam chair pad ($5.50), cotton remnant ($2.20) and Elmer’s wood glue ($3) from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft.



3 Responses

  1. How fun is that!

  2. very nice!

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