Guest Project: Patio Table


Though she’s defected to a town north of here, GreenCricket blogger Beth still has her heart (and family) in Chicago and drives down often. Last weekend, she could be seen scoring a chair at the N. Elston Village Discount.  She’s found that salvage opportunities are also plentiful along the winding roads in her neck of the woods.

Here’s one of Beth’s recent finds and her fantastic makeover.


The Before: A rusty patio table frame found by the side of the road one snowy afternoon near Madison, WI.


The After: A cleaned up table with a coat of fresh green paint and a worldly reversible table top.  To do this, Beth–well, actually her husband Nate–measured and cut a piece of MDF to drop into the top frame.  Then Beth glued a map of London on one side and Paris on the other.  As she says, “It’s perfect for happy hour on the porch. Feeling like a pint?  Use the London side.  A glass of Bordeaux?  Then Paris it is.”  A thick coat of poly resin gives it a waterproof finish.  Thanks, Green Cricket.  We’ll be over around 6.


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