How’s My Diving

Where are the best places to dumpster dive in Chicago?  Can you find better stuff in Rogers Park than Lincoln Square?  To shed some light, very scientifically, I’ve geotagged the Curb Alerts on Craigslist from the start of the year.  I’ve added their location to the Good Diving Spots map on the left, and as time goes on, we’ll see if they indicate a trend in neighborhood offerings. Right now, Logan Square is leading.

Good people of Chicago, you too can help map the best dives.  On the open map, you can add the spot you found that perfect hall table or the little step stool under the bathroom sink.  And if you include the day of your lucky find, a trend for the best diving day of the week might emerge, too.

It’s easier than it sounds here, but here goes.  To add your spot, just click the Plus sign above the map, take a minute to sign on to the Platial system, then click Add Your Marker.  Tell us the basics:  where, when and what, and let science take it from there.


2 Responses

  1. Hmmm. What does that say about Logan Square? That we have too much stuff? That we’re wasteful? That we’re consciencious enough to not detroy our stuff, but let others have an opportunity at it?

    BTW, you had posted you were on Design Sponge, but I didn’t find you there. Do you have a link?

    • Lynn – I’d say those in Logan Square subscribe to the rule that what goes in the alley will often go out again within minutes, if it’s good stuff.

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