Project Nineteen: Found Dresser


Found Item: 4-drawer chest of drawers

Where: Alley in west Rogers Park, around Ridge and Morse

dresser2The Makeover: Truth be told, I almost threw this one back.  The lightweight wood disintegrated into a floor full of sawdust on sanding.  And the piece looked like the one you put your clothes in at summer camp, it’s shape nothing to write home about.

But enough dissing—the dresser made a perfect canvas for leftover paint.  As previously noted, I first sanded, then sanded some more, then used a few colors from the inventory of past projects for a retro- looking scheme and zero cost.

There’s a little left to do on this one, which is why it’s photographed in bad light  in the workshop.  The bare wood top and sides I originally planned would look better if painted.  Then it needs a polyurethane sealing.  I’ll post the finishing touches next week.

Materials: sand paper, these four colors of paint:

Ralph Lauren Golf Tee White
C2 Tanajura
C2 Sea Fairy
Behr Wild Bamboo


One Response

  1. Nice work ! Love the monochromatic look.

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