Highly Recommended

furnituredoctorHeavy doses of  Trader Joe’s style humor lurk on every page, but ask any woodworker or refinisher what’s a good source for tips and advice on restoring furniture, and they’re likely to reference this book.  My neighbor Ann first mentioned it one Saturday morning while we stood admiring the table she and her carpenter-slash-furniture designer had just refinished. When she matter of factly explained how to tell lacquer from shellac, I went home and found the book on Amazon.

It’s a source for basics – what to do with a tack cloth or how to rub on stain- info you can’t find in the size 4 font on the Minwax can.  It covers more expert subjects, too, such as making your own stain solution, wood bleaches and ways to thin paint.  I found the chapter guide to furniture styles straight forward and demystifying.

For those who know his work, author George Grotz is the go-to physician for all things antique and in need of a maintenance .  The cover of my book advertises him as the “Author of From Gunk to Glow,” and with his steady stream of books, I get the picture his hayseed humor belies a smart marketer along with furniture expert.  Before turning off the expressway into Vermont, Grotz some years in advertising on Madison Ave.


2 Responses

  1. The writing in this book has been hilarious yet informative. I’ve been following your blog since it was featured in Daily Candy and I’m new to the furniture rehabbing club, so thanks for the great book recommendation!

    • Page 334, in Tools of the Trade, “I can’t remember hardly any of my birthdays, and Christmases are all rolled up into one. But I’ll never forget the day I got my first belt sander.” Thanks Gillian…sand on.

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