Project Eighteen: Desk Set


Found Item: Stray silverware

Where: Unique Thrift Store at the corner of Howard and Western

silverware5The Makeover: This pretty terrific  silverware was found in the bins at Unique. They’re weighty and modern, perfect for tucking into your backpack or desk drawer at the office.  No need to use the office cutlery, which is typically plastic and disposable.

To roll up the cutlery into a portable package, I made a sleeve using two pieces of fabric.  I used a sewing machine–but handstitching could be used, too—-to stitch 3 compartments for the knife, fork and spoon and one for a napkin.  The fabric pictured here is cut from Japanese obis I purcased for $5 at Ragstock on Belmont Ave. I attached a piece of cording, ribbon’s good too, to tie it all up.


The Materials:
Silverware, 19 cents for each piece from Unique Thrift, Japanese Obi, 5$ each from Ragstock, vintage linen napkin, on hand but easily available from thrifts and rummage sales around town, cotton thread.

Over the weekend, I’ll post a template you can download to make a Desk Set for you and a coworker. –Diana


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