Project Fourteen: Storyboard Night Table

Found Item:Two drawer night table. Sturdy particle board construction and a wood grain laminate.

Where: Standing by the dumpster next to Bar Louie on Grove Street in Evanston.

friday21The Makeover: Before I explain the process…..was this your night table, Matthew Busby?  Or how about you, Laura Falkenroth, who used to live on Sunnyside in Highland Park?  Yours are two of the names on the Camper List, 1998 sheet of paper I found smushed behind the top drawer.  If anybody from Junior 3 group wants there Looney Tunes Valentine stickers, I have those, too.

So, the makeover.  I used a storyboard concept for this piece, featuring a children’s story, the product of a fifth grade writing assignment, about an ambitious lizard who becomes a movie star, then realizes he prefers the simple hometown life.


The original finish was roughed up using my bff, the orbital sander with a 180 grit. Where it couldn’t reach, hand sanding.  Then, two coats of Kilz primer brushed on and left to dry overnight.  The final paint finish is a satin basic white.

I decoupaged the photocopied pictures using archival white glue, then ran a wet sponge over each and smoothed the ripples.  Last, three coats of water-based polyurethane.

Materials: Behr white satin paint, Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive, plain white copy paper, Olympia Water-based Polyurethane, found wood drawer pulls.



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