A Note About a Very Good Idea


Everyone knows our landfills should be on a diet.  Coming very soon, we in Chicago will have a way to curb their heaping appetites for the large stuff of rehab projects and teardowns.

It’s called the Rebuilding Exchange, an energetic nonprofit market for recycled building materials—-flooring, doors, lumber, bathtubs, appliances and remodeling components with a nice patina and a low price.

This week and next, the exchange is in the process of moving to a new warehouse on West 47th Street, and when complete, cause for celebration! They have lots of ways to join them in the fun and the sustainable diet part:

Come to the Grand Re-opening Party. and since you’re coming, donate a silent auction item or service

Donate your materials from a rehab project, like kitchen cabinets, trim, appliances, bathtubs and sinks

Buy some materials for your next project, a like new furnace, wood stove, refrigerator and stove

You can track the progress of the move and see all that the Exchange has to offer on their blog.


One Response

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know about this place even though it’s RE-opening and I’m familiar with the Delta Institute.

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