Project Lucky Thirteen: Art and Letters


Found Item: Sheets of old school helvetica press-on stencils.  A friend of friend Cara’s mother cleaned out the supplies from her photo studio the other day.  The stencils were too good to throw out, so she sent them over in case we could think of a use for them.

Where: Photo studio around Grand and Western


The Makeover: Classic helvetica has such a fresh appeal—I’ll always like its look.  I put a few of the stencil sheets in frames that were on hand.  These would look great as a wall grouping or in large format poster size, too.  Letters, a word or message can be printed from a copier will create the same look if a supply of old stencils don’t come your way.



2 Responses

  1. I thought that this was a great idea and shared it with my sister. Sure enough, she loved it too, and now it is adorning her kitchen walls. Thanks!

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