Project Twelve: Painted Chairs


Found Item: Pair of mismatched but complimentary chairs.

Where: These were retrieved in different alleys in the Lakeview neighborhood over the span of a month.

The Makeover: Chairs seem to be the currency of alleys.  You can usually find an orphan chair under the back stairway or set out by dumpster. Sometimes they need a little glue and most of the time they need a new seat.  Each of these did, so I replaced the cane on one, repadded and stapled a fresh piece of fabric on the other.  If you use a sheet of the prewoven cane, repairing a seat is not that hard if you follow the directions, and there are plenty of websites to offer support.

I painted each chair with two coats of semi-gloss white, then spent a few days coming up with different surface patterns for the chairs’ surfaces–definitely the fun part.  I used a color scheme of three artist acrylics.  A final two coats of water-based polyurethane were brushed on to protect the finish.


Materials: Sheet of prewoven chair caning ordered online from, polyester batting, cotton polka dot fabric remnant, white semi-gloss paint, tubes of Golden acrylic paints in a light blue and green and medium yellow.


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