Saturday at the Handmade Market


If you follow the Chicago site, Gapersblock, maybe you’ve read the notice for the Handmade Market that appears periodically in the calendar section. I’ve been intrigued for awhile, and though it was snowy on Saturday, Western Ave was clear, so I drove down to the market near Division and Western.

First impressions, it’s dark in the Empty Bottle, which is a comparatively dark bar as watering holes go, so makes an odd place to sell hand crafts.

One of the most interesting vendors there was Vera Videnovich, a sheep farmer in Michigan who shears, spins, dyes and knits with the yarn harvested from her flock. The yarn is lovely and soft, some of it left the natural colors of beige or grey and some colored with vegetable dyes.

Two of Verica’s knit designs skirts–the skirt on the left was made with marigold-dyed yarn.

A  long way from a bar in Humboldt Park, some of the farms’ sheep, courtesy of  Verica’s flickr site.

Rhymes with twee is a paper goods seller with a sly sense of humor behind her doodle-style art. Creator Leigh Kelsey, who has a pet hedgehog, sells through craft markets and her etsy store.

The stained glass earrings featured and made by Etta Kostick were also eyecatching. The artist has a background in glassblowing and lampwork and finds inspiration for her work from her travels to Thailand and Japan.

Handmade Market


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