Project Ten: Dog Coat


For some dogs, minding the household and taking care of the family isn’t enough.  Just like some people we know, a position of prestige isn’t enough—they need the title.  For such type-Alpha dogs, a coat like this is perfect.

Found Item: Orange stadium style Guard jacket with the label Cardinal and size large inside the collar.

Where: The Junior League Thrift store on Chicago Avenue in Evanston


The Makeover: If you’re a novice at sewing, this project may be a challenge, but experienced tailors know that the existing snaps on the front of the Guard jacket were not to be squandered in laying out and cutting the new dog coat. I used an existing coat from Old Navy, one that was a little snug after the holidays, as the template.  Using it, I cut the Guard jacket and the polar fleece lining out, incorporated the snaps into the scheme, sewed it up and turned it right side out. The coat fastens around the dog’s neck and under her stomach, and these parts were sewn on separately.  Last, since it needed a little detail, I quilted it in a diamond pattern by machine.

Materials: The Guard jacket cost $6 at the Junior League, 3/4 yard of polar fleece for $3 on sale at Joanne Fabrics.

I took the dog, Reese, and the coat out for a test drive after it snowed yesterday morning.  We walked by a woman with 2 small children who wanted to say hello and pet Reese.  The woman told the kids, “Don’t bother the dog.  She’s on duty.”



2 Responses

  1. Can I buy this from you? Or, can I ask you to make another one? I have been dreaming of a way to get people to stay away from my “not very friendly” dog and this is perfect.

    • Rebecca,
      Wish I could help. It’s made from a jacket found in a thrift shop, and if there had been more than one on the rack, I’d have snatched them up.

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