Project Nine: Small Table Decoupage


What the mind can conceive, you can achieve, though sometimes you  need help with the right tools.  Over the holiday break I finished this chair’s seat and back by zigzagging different widths and colors of ribbons together. Covering the seat was no problem, but the stripey back is another story. My Arrow staple gun is not powerful or deep enough to shoot staples into the chair frame, so I’ll be calling around for an upholsterer who can help out.

Over in Ravenswood, confessed alley scout Clair sent these shots of her table redo. The table came from the alley near her old apartment around Wolcott and Irving Park, and she’s revised it to use as a night table in her new place.


The Makeover: Formerly purple, the table was given a fresh coat of kiwi green. Clair used an eggshell finish so the decoupage paper would bond more easily than on a semi-gloss or gloss paint. She cut the flower forms free hand —good eye, good eye—from black paper, then tried arranging them in a random pattern, then a symmetrical one. She chose the symmetrical pattern and used rubber cement to glue the forms onto the top. Last step, two coats of clear sealer to protect it from water glasses and coffee cups.


Materials: Large black sheet of black pastel-grade paper, on sale for a dollar at Blick, rubber cement, flat green Behr paint.


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