Project Next: Can This Chair Be Saved?


How to glam up this institutional looking chair? It came from the large midwestern university north on Sheridan Road, sitting outside the loading dock of a science research building. If not Watson or Crick, perhaps some animated grad student sat on the edge of its seat as she told of her breakthrough in organogenesis.  Then she threw it out.  The upholstery had some rips and frays, but the spring construction in the cushion seat redeemed it in terms of comfyness.

anthro-chair1Apt Therapy recently picked up on a trend that Kenneth Brown also highlighted on his blog, mixing up classic chair frames with unusual fabric upholstery. If you’re a fan of interesting prints, you’ve probably seen it in the upholstered pieces Anthropologie has offered for the past few years. While not a definitive classic, the simple frame of this chair makes it an excellent specimen for the different look.ichairblack

So far: I’ve sanded off the old finish and stained the frame black. I’ve also removed the seat and back cushions, then stopped in the crafty shop around the corner for some yardage to give the chair an unusual,  hopefully glamorous brand.


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