Enthuse Re-use

I’m working on a chair makeover this week, which will probably take two weeks since there is some staining and a small upholstery stage.

wbbefore1Meanwhile,  from the category of  guilty pleasures— love the three-way, but what to do with the leftover popcorn tin besides:
a)  put it in the recycling
b)  put recycling in it
c)  use it to store something, like toys, dog food or laundry soap?

Answer:  the humble but decorative arts wastebasket.

This one in the entryway is vintage, meaning it’s been a while since I paper mache’d, then painted the geraniums on it.

This one  is the cat tin covered with a piece of mod print paper.


This is a 5-minute fix up, especially if you use a light-duty spray glue.  Spray it on the wrong side of the paper, then sort of roll the tin onto it to cover.  The paper is from Blick, $2.95 per sheet, approximately 30 by 36.



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