Strange in the Best Way

Lucky day. There was a parking place right there on Clark, so I stopped to pay homage to the furniture in White Attic, where once homely storage pieces become swans. Chicago writer T8, the flawless eye behind Strange Closets, wrote last week about the opening of a 2nd White Attic in Bucktown. As I mentioned this to the salesperson at the counter, she replied,  “Sure, I know Tate. He stops in often.”

Next door at Scout, as Larry V talked about his 3, almost 4 Thanksgiving dinners, talk swerved to design blogs… and again, Tate. “He’s a good friend of the store,” Larry said. I turned to Larry’s assistant. “Do you know Tate, too?”  He nodded. “Yes, I know Tate.”


I don’t know Tate, though I know of his work on Strange Closets. It’s thee place for a 360 view of home design in Chicago, and from the endless names mentioned on his site, he must he know every designer in town. Best site feature: Tate lets you be a voyeur to some great neighborhood homes every Thursday. Second best: his playful treatment of design trends good and bad, like foo dog lamps and tortoise shells hanging on walls (please let them all be fake). Tate, can I know you, too?


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