Eco Artistry

While in Scout on a Saturday morning, I was thrilled to meet local artist designer Bladon Conner. In a former life he was an architect, but Conner now revises found furniture, chairs and table, into pieces that seem to build on their history. He’ll take a found metal table, add a scrap piece of lumber as the top, then laminate it with an architectural photo or image of some local graffiti. His work fits well into the urban industrial aesthetic of Scout, and Conner had stopped in to deliver some of his pieces. Among them was a memorable old metal office chair that he’d reupholstered with a piece of herringbone tweed jack from a thrift shop.

Conner was probably the first person I’d met who admitted some of his raw materials came from the alley. His designs often start with nothings, like a discarded metal table frame, waiting room chairs, old cast off lumber. Then he does cool things to them that very much define reclaimed design in my book.

Along with Scout, Conner’s work is for sale at Haus in Andersonville.  It’s been featured in TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Home,  design blogs, and if you have 4 minutes and 42 seconds to spare, check out his interview with Phil Ponce on Chicago Tonight.


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