Project Five: Octagon Table


On first site, I was almost certain a collie, poodle, setter and an English bulldog had long used this as their poker table. Once I discovered the Secret of the Old Brass Key hiding underneath its top, it became clear. This was part of the Nancy Drew collection of fine furniture.

Found Item: Versatile and nicely sturdy pedastal table. The top slides up for a dining table. In the down position, it’s a good height for a coffee table.

Where: In the alley in the 1200 block of West Jarvis.


The Makeover: As Nancy would attest, this project was murder. With orbital sander, I first took off the old finish, revealing several deep stains on the top. They looked like leaks from a Bic and required numerous coats of bleach, then leaving it out in the parking lot for a couple days, followed by dousing with gallons of water to get rid of any bleach residue. For the stain, I applied Minwax ebony 3 times. It was slow to soak into the wood, so I left the first coat on until dry, about 24 hours. A satin finish coat gives it a modern matte look.


Materials: A ream of sandpaper, Clorox household bleach, Minwax ebony stain, Olympia satin water-based polyurethane.



8 Responses

  1. I fell in love with this table…plus I was a big Nancy Drew fan.

  2. I love this table. Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is. I would love to find a table that can be raised and lowered like this.


  3. This is just gorgeous! Great job.

  4. I love Love LOVE this!! Your revamp makes me want to actually buy a table like this. You were so luck to find it for free! I’m so jealous. There aren’t too many “diving” opportunities in my area. The constant rain pretty much guarantees that anything left outside will end up warped with water damage. 😦

    • Found a similar one with pedastal, round top but no Nancy Drew feature. Almost couldn’t get it in the car til I nabbed and innocent bystander, lol.

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