Street Wear

Fess up–who hasn’t spied a cool jacket or shirt in the lost and found and borrowed it back into service.

Writer and photographer Lauri Apple pays homage to the discarded items of clothing she finds around town on her blog, FoundClothing.

Walking along the streets and alleys in Chicago neighborhoods, she’ll snap a photo of the various pieces she comes across, and as her blog shows, photo ops are plenty. She’ll pass by a garbage can with a dozen new t-shirts half in, or find a jacket draped over a fence where the owner last left it.

There’s no discriminating on the brands. Calvin Klein, Addidas, Prada, brand new Rampage, Brooks Brothers, Gap. Lauri documents their discarded states, speculates on what their stories might be, then gives them a detour from the landfill. See if you recognize any lost items on Lauri Apple’s FoundClothing.


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