Project One: Rocking Chair



Found Item: Rocker with a kind of bullseye detail, called a sewing rocker because it has no arms, so good for playing guitar and rocking.

Where: My neighbor found it in the alley around the 4500 block of Narragansett. There was a ton of perfectly good stuff all over the place, she said when I went over to her porch.

Ann is both artistic and salt-of-the-earth, likes to change out the furniture in her living room and works for the Archdiocese. She’s known in her parish for the soups she makes from scratch, which also makes me lucky to live next door (excellent minnestrone – last week’s batch). I wasn’t so so sure about the rocker, though.  Shades of Norman Bates on the porch down.  Was there a motel near 4500 Narragansett?

The Makeover: Where have I been for the last 10 projects? A new orbital sander stripped the old finish like butter. Then a healthy layer of Kilz primer, followed by Behr basic white in semi-gloss.  I’m not a big fan of le shabbie finish, but rubbing out the paint was a good way to highlight the bullseye detail and lines of the chair.  For the cushion, I added new layers of batting covered it by cutting up a pricey top I bought online, only wore once. I rarely do that.

Materials: Reams of sandpaper discs, Kilz primer and Behr white semigloss paint all from Home Depot. Polyester batting from JoAnn Fabrics, seat fabric from a knit top by Custo Barcelona.

Seat cushion detail

Seat cushion detail




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  1. Excellent work! It’s amazing what you can do with old furniture.

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